2021-04-23 Nerd Roundup

Butt-trumpets, AWS Lambda, quantum telescopes and talking cows. It's all part of a normal nerd roundup of tech news this week.

2021-04-23 Nerd Roundup
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Mastodon Renaming “Toots” to “Posts” Bring out the fartulators!
YouTube CEO receives freedom of expression award sponsored by the video platform itself If we make our own awards, we're doing pretty good!
Tech blogs and msm feeds are regularly paid off News is not what the news tells you it is
DOOM on a holographic display DOOM or Wolfenstein? Nerds want to know!
(background. more on the cool display) No provisioning for the Cyclops or pirates, right?
Cancer Cells Could Travel Through the Interstitium: Study It's still there even if you can't see it
It's all Daniel's fault, and his computer uses millions of tiny chickens
Replace Google Analytics with a shell script Bob is being very passive
Ask HN: Does anyone else find the AWS Lambda experience frustrating? Don't call us, we'll call you
New Visual Studio will be 64-bit There's a chance! You've got a chance, kid!
Deriving the piano keyboard from biological priniciples using clustering Python? Python! Back in my day, kid, we had rocks! Rocks we used for typing
Ask HN: What was the biggest leadership challenge of your career I was ready to fire them, but that changed the last week..
PiStorm Brings Modern Muscle To The Amiga
Quantum Astronomy Could Create Telescopes Hundreds of Kilometers Wide