2021-05-21 Nerd Roundup (Special Edition)

Daughter Katrina joins us. She knows the man.

2021-05-21 Nerd Roundup (Special Edition)

Daughter Katrina Amenkowincz joins me for a special family edition Nerd Roundup.

The Unix Philosophy By Example

My vote for the most misunderstood yet massively-useful idea in software engineering

My strange, slow, 20-year quest for rural broadband

I feel this pain

hn comment

(related) HN comment nails perhaps the heart of the problem

Microwave Auditory Effect (wiki)

Microwaves! (related to recent conversation)

Anal Oxygen Administration May Save Lives

Turns out, "blowing smoke up somebody's butt" used to be a thing you did to help drowning people. This is both high-school funny andh as serious healthcare implications if proven out

Try this one weird trick Russian hackers hate

After the Colonial Pipeline hack, the hackers apologized and claimed to not be political. But any kind of hacking/hold-up is going to be very political. Turns out, most of it is geo-targeted

Ask HN: [After using it on production projects] Are you satisfied with choosing Elixir or are you unhappy with making that choice?

Fascinating discussion here around hiring the right people, trying new tech by sticking it inside old boxes of development architectures, do languages/platforms matter, etc

Freshly-made Plutonium from space found on the ocean floor

I thought you didn't find trans-uranium materials naturally-occuring?

I have a lot to say about Signal's Cellebrite hack

People make machine to read private Signal text messages from unlocked phone. Signal buys machine, reverse-engineers, tells world how to destroy any LE agency who uses it. tl;dr lawyer feels Signal did the right thing, but were assholes about it.

Cryptography experts trash NFTs on first day of RSA Conference

Might delete. Interesting convo about how poorly we do at figuring out what might make tons of money and what might not

Fungus full of psychedelic drugs could cause Indiana Brood X cicadas' butts to fall off

This is extremely important news!

Companies may be punished for paying ransoms to sanctioned hackers - U.S. Treasury

Dafuq? From HN -- "...The bottom-line is that if you're a victim of ransomware, the government joins the hacker, both of them kicking you while you're down and demanding money. ..."