2021-06-04 Nerd Roundup

Today's guests are James Grenning, Jon Kern, and Robert Martin.

2021-06-04 Nerd Roundup

We've got aliens from within, Commodore Amigas in lock-boxes, rocket tank battalions, Steve Job's glide-slope theory of tech, and much more.

The Steely Dan Rapid Armor Deployment System

From tumors to species, a SCANDAL hypothesis There's a theory that viruses evolve into new species. Could explain a lot of weird things, like various cancers and how sections of viruses appear so often in animal DNA code
Hugo the TV Troll Serious question: How much of what we do is a con game?
Playing cards Pretty cool multi-player net game. Neat idea
My version as a demo 2 years ago I did something very similar. Add this to AWS Lambda for similar functionality. Compare page weights
For the first time, drones autonomously attacked humans. This is a turning point. Drones are still in the "nothing to see here, folks!" category, but that might be changing. Like genetic modification, do we really have a choice not to implement?
The U.S. Military is startring to get really interested in Space-X's Starship I could see 100 starships on standby. Deploy a tank company anywhere in the world in 90 minutes! If Elon gets his costs where he wants, changes a LOT of things
Amazon's Controversial hire to fire practice Banding, quality-based ranking. In agile, to estimate we separate the process. Perhaps that might work here also?
Microsoft's Low-Code Strategy Paints a Target on UIPath and the Other RPA Companies Not sure this writer knows what he's talking about, but this is still an interestign trend from MS
Steve Jobs on his glide slope theory of tech Prescient
Anthropologist and sense making at work We've covered this before. It's a nice redux from a different angle. A lot of enerds don't want to hear this, but bthat doesn't make it false
MLS Theory and Language I'm going to mention this because it's just too weird not to. I spent a week poking at this essay idea, only to publish, then go to HN, then read _another_ essay that's in the same general area as this one