2021-10-22 Nerd Roundup

Meta C++ compile-time programming, playin' video games for money, jamming up people who want to record you, Uncle Bob, and getting pigs to give up their organs to you, all here this week on Nerd Roundup

2021-10-22 Nerd Roundup

Nerd Roundup is back with the original three Roundup Amigos! Both James Grenning and Bob Martin came back for a great show.

The interesting theme this week was science stories that pop up, get attention, and then disappear for many years, only to pop up again.

VS Code VS Code in the browser. Freaking A.
The Circle Language My brain still hurts looking at this
How Axie Infinity is turning gaming on its head Finally, the internet wide-opn yardsale swapmeet with real money and virtual goods we've all been waiting for
Wanting to build a learning system for dev folks to move to web3 Web3 looks like the shit
A little product lesson ... Another good example of a great and intelligent writer thrashing through some thorny ground. Understanding analysis is the only answer here, not continued complexity in diagramming. But dang if I don't understand and feel about the situation here
Computer Space launched the video game industry 50 years ago – here’s the real reason you probably haven’t heard of it Wow, 50 years ago this week the first video game was launched, Computer Space. What was the first video game you remember playing?
Wearable Microphone Jamming I'm in. Can I get this for cams also?
Advanced Civilizations Could use Their Stars to Communicate (and as Telescopes) This needs a lot more attention as it is doable, though expensive, and could represent a huge leap forward in astronomy
The Ingenious Ancient Technology Concealed in the Shallows

Related article came out in Nature this week. Europeans here a lot earlier than realized
We continue to rewrite pre-history with really wild stuff. Seems like the field is transforming itself every five years or so
DANIEL: The Growing Trucker Shortage Could Have Catastrophic Consequences

Dafuq? Americans got so much cash from CV-19 and are home so much that buying all this stuff makes the supply chain go boo?
Yet another supply-chain disaster, this time bigger than all of the previous ones, coming your way in 3-2-1. And I had Asian Murder Hornets for $20
In a First, Surgeons Attached a Pig Kidney to a Human — and It Worked

Would like an update on this. I've been hearing about this as well for a long, long time
These kinds of transplants could save millions of lives. Wonder how far away we actually are, though? I've been hearing about this kind of thing for 20 years or more. (More, if you cound "The Island of Dr. Moreau") Also the ex-sanguination hibernation thing

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