2021-11-26 Nerd Roundup!

New propulsion systems that can reach Jupiter in four weeks, NFT pirates, custom split keyboards, Amazon's new JSON format, and holographic cameras, all this week on the roundup.

2021-11-26 Nerd Roundup!

This week we're celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S. and we had our Token Canadian, Scott Ambler, along with Jon Kern. I thought at first it would be a solo podcast, but it quickly turned into the usual back-and-forth nerdy fun. Very cool.

Amazing computational speed has turned photography into high-speed holography with the ability to see around corners and through fog.

What a roundup! We talked about everything from Magic Negros to Gattica and banking with COBOL. It was a great show to kick off the holiday weekend.

This should work in iTunes. (This link http://danielbmarkham.com/podcast/rss is a podcast feed) If it doesn't work, here's a direct link to the mp3: 2021-11-26 Nerd Roundup!

HN comment on acroyms and names

Turns out this is difficult if not impossible to Google! Interesting.
This might be fun to follow-up with or riff on: too many overlaoded names. Oh Camel, my camel...
Wind Rider: A High Performance Magsail YAY! Finally some space propulsion tech that could open up the inner solar system! Fingers crossed.
Split keyboard gallery Neat! Would be fun to play with some of these
Amazon Ion I don't know why, but I like this. Probably because it's not a replacement for JSON, but adds on top. Could reduce workload in a lot of areas
Misremembering may be a sign of an optimal memory Hell, I've had a wonderful memory for years. Or was it weeks?
“The NFT Bay” Shares Multi-Terabyte Archive of ‘Pirated’ NFTs They stole the jpeg of my pony! Those bastards! (This is a satire site. Still funny)
Queen’s University launches process to verify claims to Indigenous identity SJW issues aside, Gattica-like DNA tests in order to assign special priviledges or punishments? What could go wrong? This is going to be even more fun when polygenetic testing goes mainstream over the next decade. Standby for sales pitches to new parent to have kids optimally positioned for future guaranteed success. Make a metric, people will manage to it.
New Holographic Camera Sees the Unseen – Around Corners, Through Fog and Human Tissue Cool
Pony Messenger I like this idea a lot
China’s hypersonic nuke ‘fired a SECOND missile mid-flight’ leaving Pentagon reeling as experts say it ‘defies science’ Tracking this for a while. Is this the new space race. We could have done this 50+ years ago. And where does Musk and Starship fit in?

Jupiter in four weeks! Sign me up!

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