2021-12-03 Nerd Roundup

The internet overlords were unkind, but the roundup continued on anyway with holographic cameras, web3, UAPs, and more.

2021-12-03 Nerd Roundup

The internet was out, so I took us on a whirlwind tour of the weekly topics. Just as I was finishing, around thirty minutes in, the net came back up. James was still online! Who would have thunk it! I think I scared the crap out of him popping up on his screen. We talked for a brief minute and that was it. Not the usual roundup!

With the right flower, you too can become Barack Obama

Buncha cool topics, and we had four wranglers show up for the roundup and nobody could get on. But the sound was hella better than it was. Such is life.

The giant head of James Grenning appeared to me! This could have been the kickoff to the nerd version of A Christmas Carol, but alas, it was not.
The Museum of Plugs and Sockets My people!
An Engineer's Hype-Free Observations on Web3 (and its Possibilities) Long, but great summary and overview of web3 and associated crypto written for programmers
RasPBX I've been wanting to get into asterisk stuff for many years, and now there's a project where you can use a raspberry pi? Whoa! Standby for large telcos to lock us out of this tech in 3-2-1...
What Virgil Abloh’s Drudge Report Inspired Personal Site Says About the State of Design Also see HN. How much of site design is simply a popularity contest among designers and how much actually helps people? How much is industry/audience specific? And does a good design help a user in the end or the site owners? How ould you know?
Adversarial image attacks are no joke I'm hearing a lot of nothing-to-see-here from some folks. This leads me to think that there rmight be something to see here
Pentagon Stands Up New Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Group As Congress Pushes For Even More Action From the "no shit!" department. 80+ years of reliable witnesses seeing things in the sky they can't identify, perhaps we should get a bit serious about credible accounts of non-reproducible aerial phenomenon? This alens-or-swamp-gas thing has got to go
K|Lens Unveils World’s First Light Field Lens That Works on Any Camera

Reference: Wiki on light field cameras
IT FINALLY HAPPENED! This was cool, then hype, now it's real again. Check out the video.
New opioids, more powerful than fentanyl, are discovered in D.C. amid deadly wave of overdoses When one person can smuggle enough drugs in one trip to supply a city for weeks, we've come to the end of the line as far as it goes with preventing drug smuggling
Open Sea Of note: world's largest NFT auction site
md-block Dude, you got markdown in your markdown. markdown was supposed to let folks easily do html, now we're adding html tags to put markdown inside. The endless cycle of "yay server" vs "yay client" continues

Hey Daniel, what have you been doing this past week? Well, funny I should ask, because ... (Looks around for hand puppets) 


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