2022-01-21 Nerd Roundup

We covered half-a-dozen really cool programming articles this week, along with the usual silliness of selling your farts online and teaching goldfish to swim.

2022-01-21 Nerd Roundup

As you can see in the video, we're continuing to have hooting, hooting, hella time playing around with using Discord as a real-time streaming/messaging platform. This week we started allowing server members to drop by live during the podcast. Once we get all of those bugs worked out, hopefully we can add real-time chatting and feedback from the community!

Two stories I'm still thinking about: CRDTs on Matrix, and web3/blockchain allowing gamers to get paid for playing games. The next decade is goiing to be a really cool future in tech!

It was a Christmas present
CRDT with Matrix as a backend

HN discussion
Easily the coolest programming nerdy article of the past month. Sometimes buzzwords collide with good results! Yjs is the shit
Now, my friends, we will know who was responsible for the great goldfish invasion of 2054
Trace major supply chains Way cool home programming project!
Github to support mermaid diagrams

I think this is important news although I'm still digesting why. Why not graphviz, which almost owns the market so far?
Firing Upheld for LAPD Officers Playing Pokémon Go Instead of Responding to Robbery A Snorlax? Seriously? What's a snorlax?
The code I'm still ashamed of Probably the murkiest article this week. What would your morals prevent you from coding? How about your ethics. If a coder writes code that lures cops away from a burgarly in progress, are they somehow responsible? If not, at what point are they?
‘90 Day Fiancé’ star retires from selling farts after heart attack scare Can one retire from selling their farts online?
OCAML merge

Neat! Also check out algebraic effects, which are the future: https://dev.to/shimmer/why-algebraic-effects-matter-in-f-3m7g
Multi-core OCAML finally out
Entangled microwave photons may give 500x boost to radar

Nice essay
Quantum radar for the win! I have come to believe that this is real tech and not just BS. It makes me wonder how far along the major nation states are
Mass production of revolutionary computer memory moves closer with ULTRARAM™ on silicon wafers for the first time

Related overview: The Second Quantum Revolution
Reddit Co-Founder Says Play-To-Earn Crypto Games Will Be 90% Of Gaming Market In 5 Years I wanted to monetize this in a startup ten years ago. Couldn't find a co-founder. Interoperability is going to be a bear. Sure would have been nice to have had a ten year head start. Wonder what the guys will come up with?
Lessons in Game Design: Civilization and Wargames Fun article. Want to play a game?
How a routine gem update ended up creating $73k worth of subscriptions A nice coding whodunit. Love reading these.
A high-dimensional sphere spilling out of a high-dimensional cube despite exponentially many constraints As I understand it, the more dimensions, the more "spiky" the cube, the closer all of the spikes come to being a smooth circular surface

Algebraic Effects are the shit. Stick with us over the next year as we conversationally cover all the cool new places they'll be showing up
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