2022-02-11 Nerd Roundup

Another great roundup week with Jon Kern

2022-02-11 Nerd Roundup
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HN Discussion: Thousands of Mazdas are stuck on one radio station Nice example of hackers helping one another out. Also bad software, the curse of DRM, etc
Rationality declined over the last decades Jump to conclusions much?
For some searches literally *the whole screen!!* on google is now ads. Google doesn't conflate ads with search results, right?
Inroducing the dialog element Of a mixed mind about this. On one hand, it much more clearly states the purpose of the dom arrangement. On the other, it's yet another one of those re-labeling, layering "helps" we have come to expect so much. So now there'll be 14 versions of doing dialogs, including the official dialog element. I'm not so much a fan. (Although I grok the improvement and generally expect to like it)
Quantum Holograms Don’t Even Need to “See” Their Subject New holographic technique could be used for indirect medical imaging and more Wha?
Inline Assembly in F# Nice reminder that you can inline asm code in a lot of places you might not expect!
HN runs on a single box There's a lesson in cross-checking here for all web devs. It's not that you should run on minimum gear, it's that you should have a freaking good idea of the gap between what others with similar problems are using and what you're creating. Have good reasons for each step beyond minimum
How to explain an idea I like these meta consulting posts. Most aren't hitting on much, but some are quite good
Human technology: Text Files Great rant. If you're providing business value with only a few inputs and outputs, what in the living hell do you need a huge, strongly-typed program to do? (Cross checking yet again)
Zero carb beer Just in time for the superbowl, zero carb beer. How is that even possible?
Octopuses Rolling on MDMA Reveal Unexpected Link to Humans Both funny, serious, and nerdy

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