2022-02-25 Nerd Roundup

Don't make me take down the internet again! Dad crashes entire town's internet because kids were bad. This and more on this week's Nerd Roundup

2022-02-25 Nerd Roundup
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The gods of Discord were good, with only three hangups for a few seconds each. I started solo, but I was soon joined by Greg Young and Jon Kern. We had a hell of a time talking the past week's tech stories, and the post-game show on Discord was even better.

Can you play moneyball with technology teams and development projects? What happens when the DRM on the medical software you rely on everyday gets abandoned? What's wrong with exceptions anyway? Was Richard Feynman wrong about quantum-level thermal energy harnessing, ie Maxwell's Demon? Can nudge theory destroy organizations? Lotsa good topics this week!

C++ Exceptions considered more and more problematic We live in a world where we teach coders to code single-threaded, the languages are single-threaded, and our model of computing is single-threaded. Only problem is that the actual coding world has left this imaginary place a long, long time ago
TechRadar: Nikon explains why the Z9 ditches the mechanical shutter – and why it's a big deal. This is a significant milestone in photography. We're not just moving away from mechanical imaging devices to computational imaging, now we've got the cycles to fully emulate the mechanical model
Physicists build circuit that generates clean limitless power I think we've finally done it! We've created a perpetual motion machine that makes claims about inventing perpetual motion machines!
The five different types of event driven systems Wha? Greg, does this ring true to you? It seems pretty simplistic to me
Business Strategy cheat sheet This is another one for the mental keeper file
Nudge theory and orgs Looks like an almost direct follow-up to my essay on refactoring large organizations
Who is behind qanon? AI detectives search for truth federalist papers anyone? If AI destroys anonymity, can anybody really make anonymous political points anymore? What is the opposite is true, the AI says its person X but it's not? Where do I go to get my reputation back?
Using synthetic data to train AI

things that could go wrong
What could go wrong?
How to find talent in a always remote world, can you arbitrage yourself?
The death of process I just learned how to add integers. Now I'm ready to blog about creating a Grand Unified Theory in cosmology. Having said that, there's some good in here somewhere
Bionic eye obsolete The ultimate in DRM/walled gardens vs. standards and protocols. Sorry, bubs, now you're blind
Dad takes down town's internet You kids back there! Don't make me stop this internet again!

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