2022-03-04 Nerd Roundup!

Much more serious, this week the roundup addresses tech and war

2022-03-04 Nerd Roundup!
Join the fun!

Marc Danziger joined Jon Kern and James Grenning this week! The topic was serious, but we had a great time working through the many issues around technology and war.

Are you exploring the internet? Or is the internet exploring you?

What are the precepts for a workable global society? Can our current dysfunction be explained by tribalism? Is there a difference between greater and lesser civilizations? The internet was promised as something it wasn't. Who lied to whom?

This should work in iTunes. (This link http://danielbmarkham.com/podcast/rss is a podcast feed) If it doesn't work, here's a direct link to the mp3: 2022-03-04 Nerd Roundup!

Satellite imaging companies track Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Space-X helps Ukrainians get internet as quietly as possible
This is a very weird time to be alive. We have passed the "double dumb ass on you!" phase of nerd warfare and are moving through the Anon-Seven warfare by computer stage. It won't stay that sterile
As the tanks rolled into Ukraine, Microsoft enters the war Military, combat, food, and survival are constant themes on NR, because as software continues eating the world, it's going to drive more and more into the very basics of what it means to be human. This is already kinetic. It will get overtly so with dozens if not hundreds of actors worldwide
Experts Say That Soon, Almost the Entire Internet Could Be Generated by AI "The internet would be completely unrecognizable." Scoff all you want, this is where we'll be in 20-30 years if not sooner. Your entire online experience will be as "real" as any other experience, and it'll all be tailor-made just to keep you glued to the screen/headset and buying stuff
Sid Meir warns the game industry about monetization At a family dinner this past week, the kids were talking about how online/video games aren't really games any more. Nobody cares about the game as much as they do both the game and the meta/higher-level game. Gotta keep clicking those cows!
Our new ruling class based in the cloud

Along with this article, both make a great overview and introduction to the economonic changes brought by the web
I find it fasctinating that so many folks in the libertarian community refuse to realize that the net has a different kind of economics than a guy selling newspapers on the street. It's almost like a mental block with some of us
The painfullly shy developer's guide to getting a job Interesting discussion. So much in the tech community is either directly or indirectly around hiring -- the turnover in IT is wild
AWS announces partial class helpers for C#/.NET 6 using lambda calls

Also the RTMP thing. I will do this in the coming week, dang it! I could either do a static EC2 instance --- or for the reall fuckery of it, dynamically create a RTMP link and assign resources only when I (or some other approved user) is ready to stream, then go away when we're done. Could all of this be done on Lambda? How about a serverless blogging engine that allows realitme multi-party video chatting on each entry? Bonus points for using the open source E2EE Matrix as a data engine. Did I mention too many cool things to do?
Much want to play with this. So much fun to be had, so little time.
Understanding Higher-Kinded Types

The difference between giving up and moving forward -- explaining type classes and higher-kinded types
I believe higher-kinded types are just generic typeclasses, if you can get your head around that -- ie, every type that supports this hkt will work in something called "gimme a number" which will return a random number. What type that number is is TBD. HKTs are function inheritance without all the other crap that goes with class inheritance. Typeclasses are generic constraints around HKTs As one wag online put it, "You have values. Then you have types....You can modify values, you can't modify types. If you want to modify types, then you need a third thing, let's call it 'kinds'. ... Then if you want to modify kinds, then you need a forth thing. That's when you realize oh, why not just have types be same as values - you've now arrived at dependent types :)" A mondad is an example of a typeclass. A free monad is an example of an HKT
James Webb Space Telescope's First Look at Outer Space

More in-depth look at the magic from PetaPixel
Very cool link (Thanks Jon!)
Ask HN: What books should I read when transitioning from SWE to SWE management? Fun to read the answers from hackers. What would you think is important?
Is it time to sell the moon? I'll give you forty bucks for that crater over there.
Peace being outweighed by conflict School of peace and happiness is rife with corrpuption, anger, and warlike behavior


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