2022-04-01 Nerd Roundup

Why can't they build cars in sprints? The technical details of abstractions in programming. Volcanoes on Pluto. Time to shout it out: build less software!

2022-04-01 Nerd Roundup
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We had a great roundup this week with Greg and Jon. We had so much fun we ended up running a bit long. This week had one of the better essays I've seen on abstractions in programming language design, and a link to a super cool video about how Tesla uses XP practices to build hardware at software speed. Fun stuff!

Twitter: time to say it loudly: build less software! Hear hear!
Large-scale cryovolcanic resurfacing on Pluto Do planet tiny mos have volcanoes? I think not!!
Host your own content Most def. This and open protocols is the only way out of this mess we're in. Take a look at costs for processor cycles, memory, and bandwidth. Now ask yourself if you actually have more now. This was good for the list of what could have been
Abstraction is not what you think it is Fascinating technical comparison between what abstraction is in programming languages and what it actually is to people who use it. How to handle that gap?
Tik-Tok finally explains how the for-you algorithm works

Original discussion
An article on HN led to another discussion about how scary good the TikTok recommenation engine is which led to this article
Instant Nerf Research

Our dystopian future
Whoa. Almost realltime/ wonder what thei mplications are for long lost relatives
How we got herd immunity wrong

Related article also in the news. Gonna be decades sorting the politics out from the science on this one
institutional messaging easily overwhelmed the actual mission of the institution
WSMV 4: Man arrested for attaching Apple Watch to girlfriend's car. But if he'd dropped the watch accidentally it would have been okay? A bad thing is happening here, no doubt, but is it necessarily the crime it's being labeled?
Lessons on burnout This essay has a nice homespun feel to it
WebAssembly in my Browser Desktop Environment Yo dawg! You got a browser in your browser
Humans infected with mind-altering parasite First the cat pee, now this?
Why don't they b uild cars in sprints

Also see for reasons the guy is wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCLNswMtk5k
Ok, I admit it. I was triggered. There is much self-induced suffering going on in the world of people trying to create useful tech
Scientists translated spiderwebs into music Beautiful, but not enough cowbell

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