2022-04-08 Nerd Roundup

Buckle up! The nerds are at it again!

2022-04-08 Nerd Roundup
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Visicalc executable for the IBM PC

Online visicalc emulator in javascript
27k spreadsheet! Still working from over three decades ago. Would that all of our software was like that. Also, good memories
The quantum memsistor could enable brain-like quantum computers quantum photonic memsistors. what's not to like?
Horrible edge cases to consider when dealing with music Fun. Adventures in data processing
planet in the womb It's a little baby Jupiter! Why oh why must we anthropomorphize every little bit of science? Also, hot rogue jupiters (hopefully not in your neighborhood) is one of many great unsung stories of modern astronomy
Twitter: Path tracing instead of ray-tracing Ok, computer graphic solutions continue to amaze. Instead of worrying about every pixel, get paths correct and fake it from there. Very cool
Use Matrix backend to highlight and annotate web pages Neat. Love to see more and more matrix apps
physicsworld.com: Photonic system is very good at locating radio transmitters – Physics World. ECW applications?
That simple script is still someone's bad day There's a cognitive error that when coding simple things must be simple, or that newer things must be better than older things. The author says we lost the battle for reliability a long time ago, but it was really understanding that we lost. The code is still very reliable! We just don't understand what it does. That has not gotten better
How Disney ended up going nuclear Nuclear Disney. Woot!
Goblin mode' is becoming part of people's everyday vocabulary. Language and meme experts share why. I may have invented goblin mode

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