2022-04-15 Nerd Roundup

The Rock Band of Theseus, solar's on-demand problem solved, multicomputation: the fourth paradigm, AI Transformers, color night vision, and more this week on Nerd Roundup!

2022-04-15 Nerd Roundup
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We had a lot of fun this week with Greg Young visiting, folks on the text channel, lots of nerdy news, and the usual shenanigans.

The Fake Artists Problem Is Much Worse Than You Realize

Twitter discussion. Interesting to see the "so what?" comment pop immediately out. We can't miss what we don't understand or appreciate
Content product moves to pleasing passive consumers, then goes fake. Video is up next
solars on-demand problem may get solved could be a game changer in 10-20 years
Multicomputation: A Fourth Paradigm for Theoretical Science

HN Discussion
Over the years, I am slowly being left with the impression/intuition that Wolfram may be the Edison/Newton of our time, the greatest philosopher. Doesn't mean he's right, or even the main mind behind everything he sells, but he is somehow managing to accumulate very interesting, curious, and credible ideas into a testable new area of study. Very cool
Russia's Floudering False Flag Narrative

related: exposing what narrative China is really pushing
Open Intelligence?
Myth of the missing cyberwar A big part of the war is oddly going unreported
CLIC bait company level intelligence we already have SST. how about a combat social network?
Transformers are all you need Go go gadget power up!
PetaPixel: NASA Liquid Lens Space Telescope Could be 100 Times the Size of Webb. Very cool
Cops pull over autonomous vehicle can cops detain a robot? what if it witnessed a crime?
Color night vision Color night vision? Combine that with the "instant 3D tech and we're looking at 24/7 universal third person shooter views for soldiers, right?
How AI is hijacking art history Good to remember the Gelman Amnesia Effect while chatting about all these fun tech stories

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