2022-04-22 Nerd Roundup

This week we've got pointer provenance in language design, leasing your dog like you do cellphones, learning message queueing from scratch, DIY Oreo research, abandoning serverless compute, and more!

2022-04-22 Nerd Roundup
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Greg Young was our guest, we had a couple of people in the texting room, and tons of nerdy topics to review. It was a fun time.

Opinion: Another Species of Hominin May Still Be Alive How cool would this be?
From the vault: Who's Killing Physics? Don't look at me!
Which computational universe do we live in?

Wormholes might be possible without exotic matter
If the answer has anything to do with Javascript, I'm requesting another universe
Five years of serverless compute and I quit It's very important to realize that True Microservices and Serverless, while admirable, lead to a completely new set of problems which need to be actively managed. Supercompilers can help here, but they're still a long ways off. Whether it's Agile or Serverless, slogans will always mislead more than educate
Pointer Provenance Exposed Pointer Provenance for the win! I'll watch every episode of Antiques Pointer Show
New Command Line Utilities The shell utilities they missed? very cool!
Message Queue in a shell Nicely-done explainer essay
Google defuzzes Russian Satellite images Nice! Wonder when they'll do that to other countries?
The Verge: Today I learned that the FBI has an 83-page guide to internet speak. Greetings young nerd person! I am from the FBI, and I want to crypto your web3!
The Case For American Seriousnes Nice
“Oreology” investigates mystery of why Oreo creme filling usually sticks to one side We have to know! We have to know!
AG Healey: A financial services company illegally leased dogs

The Guide itself
I had puppy 1.0. Do I need to upgrade to puppy 2.0 or lose my license?

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