2022-05-06 Nerd Roundup!

What is the boundary of your application? Does working remotely happen creativity? Sim City for information warfare and more this week on Nerd Roundup!

2022-05-06 Nerd Roundup!
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This week we had Greg Young and Jon Kern as guests. James Grenning did a drive-by from his horrible summer which involves fishing and having fun in the sun. It was an enjoyable hour.

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At the boundaries, applications aren't functional

I provided a comment on Lobsters
We keep confusing what a thing is and how we're going to make it. You could call any app functional, object-oriented, or simple procedural
Ideas on mute? Study: Remote meetings dampen brainstorming

Original paper
Need to be extremely careful with this because it confirms something I'd like to have confirmed. Need to wait for more info.. Also, nature did a follow-up on Tuesday. Good teams I've seen innovate usually do so thru random doodles and models. You try to tool that process up and it doesn't work
From Twitter, when do these later conversations happen, exactly? An excellent question. I tried to pvoide useful advice using twitter, with mixed results
Startup Creates Simulator for Info-Warfare Ops Social media simultaors. Welcome to the future.
Freethink: mRNA breakthrough offers a potential heart attack cure. I just knew this kinda stuff was on the way! Standby, 'cauise it's only going to get better from here on out
The ten most shameless RPG dice My funny article of the week
This Is How Dark Matter And Regular Matter 'Talk' to Each Other, Claims Wild New Paper From Scott Ambler
Discrete Mathematics with Ducks From Greg Young

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