2022-05-20 Nerd Roundup

It was a hunka hunka burnin nerds this week as we cover the new science of AI diagnostics, lock-free queues, and team topologies

2022-05-20 Nerd Roundup
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Building Petahertz Logic With Lasers And Graphene From James. WOW!
HN Comment thread "...I have friends who are non-science PhDs and absolutely believe anything published in a science journal must be absolutely sound...." I found the comment thread more fascinating than the article. How do we learn, except by taking out imperfect analogies and banging on them until they fit some sort of prediction model that we can then test? If that's true, then what's the role of the press in the conducting of such an alaysis? Quite interesting that the commenter came back with a computer example! Good example of the chasm, analysis, science, etc wrking at scale in the public eye
Using a proper camera as a webcam

HN discussion on using a proper cam as a webcam. Note the lack of a mention of NDI. Also some nice tips about how lighting is better than cam quality for many cammers
Fun how-to. Might make for a nice discussion of A/V and home camming
Google adds project management features to docs Huh? Wha? I know you don't need much for PM data, but adding it in docs? Ok, fine. How about somebody write up a quick script to synch up team/program data into some EIS charts? We could kill a billion-dollar+ biz right now
The Ciruits thread: analying neural networks From an HN comment on a recent article. Whoa.
Reducing Cognitive Load in Agile DevOps Teams Using Team Topologies I've heard this phrase before but haven't had the time to chase it down. this might be a good introduction
HN comments on "A lock-free, concurrent, generic queue in 32 bits"

Original essay on lock free circular queue
We haven't done any ring buffer essays, and the HJN discussion alone is woerthwhile
Lobsters comments on " Can we fix bearer tokens? "

Related target essay: Can We Fix Bearer Tokens?
I'm not sure if this is actually a valid complaint or not, or if it's just a GitHub thing. Need to spend some time on the target essay
A Simple Israeli Invention Could Help 2.5 Billion People – and NASA could be biggest invention of the decade
Don’t accidentally hire a North Korean hacker, FBI warns How do we check for that?
The strange plan to fight nuclear weapons by building a giant rubber fortress Yes, yes! We'll build giant rubber cities in preparation for the next attack! Reminds me of the giant metal city/ball idea from WWI

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