2022-05-27 Nerd Roundup!

Constructors, Initializers, Compilers, oh my! Big bag of coding fun this week on Nerd Roundup!

2022-05-27 Nerd Roundup!

I had a bunch of gear break this past week, which meant that the roundup went off without a technical hitch at all. If you can figure that out, I'll give you a holotype.

This should work in iTunes. (This link http://danielbmarkham.com/podcast/rss is a podcast feed) If it doesn't work, here's a direct link to the mp3: 2022-05-27 Nerd Roundup!

Flags are a code smell Big bag of bools makes code coverage impossible, but feature flags be good. What is a robin hood style hash table?
AWS should be simple to use OMG, yet another "I do these things so I'm adding a simple coding layer to complex-thing" posts. Friends, this is how we got the complex stuff we have already. I like simple, but after a bunch of simple, you end up confused and lost. Please stop. Keep it to yourself!
Happy 10th birthday compiler explorer Awesomely cool tool, bro. Anybody in the Nerd Herd used this? I've always wanted to but haven't found a pressing need
Minimalism in programming language design Excellent. Give me a language that promises not to become Java, C#, or C++
Application Holotypes Whoa. Way cool ontologies of the types of web apps you can write
Vintage Computer Ads I remember many of these. There's a lot of focus here on cost for disc and memory
Someone Stole Seth Green's Bored Ape, Which Was Supposed To Star In His New Show Stolen but not forgotten. Here we have something stolen where the rightful owner knows who has it, is able to contact the person on Twitter, and still can't get it back
Engineers create edilbe adhesive tape to keep your burrito wrapped tightly Super-giant burritos will rule the world! Sign me up, coach

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