2022-06-10 Nerd Roundup!

Darklang backend rewrite complete, trilobite cameras, code bloat, and more.

2022-06-10 Nerd Roundup!
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Great time this week! Thanks guys!

Classified specs keep leaking on online gaming forums?

This should work in iTunes. (This link http://danielbmarkham.com/podcast/rss is a podcast feed) If it doesn't work, here's a direct link to the mp3: 2022-06-10 Nerd Roundup!

Code bloat has become astronomical this was a good rant. Thanks to zess for the link. Also cross-checking is a skill we should be requiring every coder to deomnstrate daily. There is a secondary rant implied here about freely using tons of mutable and cross-dependent code that we do not understand and seemingly thinking that this is somehow normal for the job
Special operations forces need AI that can explain its decisions, says military data chief Yes. Yes. And More Yes. Now the rest of the world needs to catch up
darklang backend rewrite complete Woot! Way to go, guys! Been a fan for a long time!
Trilobye camera has amazing depth-of-field Trilobyte camera. What a cool name!
Beyond our ‘ape-brained meat sacks’: can transhumanism save our species?

Related: this is something diego sent in: CNN reports on the Benjamin Button effect. Welcome to the future!
Day-by-day there are all of these little changes. At some point, would most humans throughout history stop recognizing us as human? I don't see a bright line distinction as to when that happens
C$ MModel

Original conversation
Saw this mentioned on an HN comment "Why don't we use visualization tools on c ode more?"
why EMACS has buffers

great HN discussion
there are tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of users that pick up EMACS everyday and get value from it.many love it. that's a legacy 90% of programmers could only dream about.
Benchmarking malloc with DOOM

also HN
could be another case of the underlying system advancing to the point that higher level hack is no longer needed
Untools Nice collection of squishy tools I've used throughout the years. Could be a great resource
Classified specs leak on the war thunder forum for the third time Who needs Big Brother?
GitHub user sends email to 400k+ users

HN discussion

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