2022-06-17 Nerd Roundup

It's Nerd Roundup!

2022-06-17 Nerd Roundup
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Google engineer put on leave after making public announcement that AI was sentient

The funny version of the google ai story. Also another version of the story here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2022/06/11/google-ai-lamda-blake-lemoine/
Note: this is an engineer. And this is the tech we want to keep improving to convince people to do things, ie "help" them
New CRISPR based map of the human genome

Original article from MIT
Chaos engineering the human genome? Seriously?
The Surreal Case Of A CIA Hacker's Revenge Wild story.
Can a Seattle Startup Launch a Fusion Reactor Into Space? Avalanche Energy Design’s compact power and propulsion tech raises funds—and eyebrows Five years to fusion? Unlmiited power in space? Electrostatic confinement? Where did this come from?
Why some developers don't believe in best practics The eternal question
Dark' black hole wandering the Milky Way may be the smallest yet detected 100 million or more black holes in our own galaxy? That would be completely wild!
Announcing Code Second Edition Blast from the past. What a great book the first edition was in my career.
NASA's plans after Apollo For All Mankind is a must-watch for space nerds
Illustrating the duality of closures and objects

Great lobsters discussion. Who can't not like "Greatest fixed point of a functor"? lol
Like the old "It's just ones and zeroes" this is both a profound and facile concept. It's not that things are equivalent. Programming is an interactive experience, not a set of features stacked on top of math, although that's what it all is in the end. Topic alert: missing the point
Phtotos of chickens, taken by chickens

Must include this story at all costs
Saw this on a Ron Jeffries tweet, More info about how easily we want to see AI -- and who says its not

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