2022-06-24 Nerd Roundup

Bananas and random numbers, Help Desk to anti-tank missiles, Web5, Silicon Photonics and more!

2022-06-24 Nerd Roundup
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Oi! Come at me with this banana!
Will optics ever replace copper interconnects? We asked this silicon photonics startup This is a reuccuring Nerd Roundup topic. Are we going to get R2D2 optics in computers anytime soon?
Been there, done that Really cool CLI tool, dude
Jack Dorsey’s TBD Presents Bitcoin-Based Decentralized Web5 Dag it! I had the Web5 idea first!
Ukrainian Troops Have Nobody To Call To Troubleshoot Their Javelin Missiles Worst tech support job ever.
Mark When. Markdown for timelines Very cool idea. We're seeing a ton of sueful markdown add-ons. At what point does it become too much?
Robot Cooking With Stir-Fry: Bimanual Non-Prehensile Manipulation of Semi-Fluid Objects We're going to end up with robots in the kitchen, and it's going to happen while nobody is looking. I'm seeing a lot of separate skills. Expect that to continue and slowly integrate until we get something like the roomba or ipod
Generating true random numbers from bananas Yes, yes. Nobody talks about the bananas, do they? Wonder why that is?


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