2022-07-01 Nerd Roundup!

Free CRDT desktop tool, using math to spot liars, blood pressure tattoos, Mr. Fusion garage-sized reactors, and more

2022-07-01 Nerd Roundup!
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It's the "Birth of Pickleman" episode you've always wanted!

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Say hi to Proteus, Amazon’s most advanced warehouse robot yet Our future family kitchen robot still keeps coming!
Yboard is a multiplayer desktop-like workspace based on CRDT (github.com/felipeleivav)

HN Discussion of CRDT decktop
Way cool! Also check out the HN discussion
Interesting Engineering: A magnet-free reactor that fits in a garage could provide limitless energy. Is it too much to wonder where our Mr. Fusion is?
ScienceAlert: New DNA Technology Is Shaking Up The Branches of The Evolutionary Tree. Very cool discussion about creating onotologies. How do we type our variables? Decide whether to generalize or abstract or not? Etc
How a New Mathematical Model Could Spot Liars very cool. Roundup plus book research material Insane implied meaning if it's not hype
First impressions of DALL-E, generating images from text I have no idea if this is fun, stupid, scary, confusing, sad, or just reall weird. Probably all of that. But it bears being mentioned
Blood Pressure E-Tattoo Promises Continuous, Mobile Monitoring Many people have been waiting a long time for this. In the last year or two, we have been entering a new era of wearable medical telementry devices
The Verge: Amazon shows off Alexa feature that mimics the voices of your dead relatives. Grandpa?
Optical microphone lets researchers see sound like nothing before

YouTube explanation
We did the super simple version of this when we were spying on the Russians in the 50s. Some neat video/graphics action in the article links
Watch the nuclear-powered flying hotel that can stay airborne for years with 5,000 passengers Yay! Combines the best of Chernobyl, the Titanic, the Hinderberg, the Love Boat, and your local TravelLodge, all in one place! What's not to like?

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