2022-07-08 Nerd Roundup

The windows malloc trash fire, nerd fight over kubernetes being a red flag, AI writing academic papers about itself, Google's Colossus, and more

2022-07-08 Nerd Roundup

The Windows malloc() Implementation Is A Trash Fire Love me a good programming rant. And instead of hello world, why not see you later, allocator?
Meiosis is all you need If workable, some profound implications here. Top HN comment at one point was "now you just need a polygenic scoring system that isn't complete shit" And hence the return of polygenic scoring from a few NR episodes earlier
SHGA Shanghai Gov National Police Database for sale (1B entries) (breached.to) Holy cow, batman! One billion records of ID information for Chinese! Can we stop this mutual worldwide suicide pact now, or must it continue until it hurts more?
Kubernetes is a red flag that you are prematurely optimizing

Nerds arrive ready to rumble
YOMG! Nerd sacred cow skewered. Cue up villagers with torches and pitchforks in 3, 2, 1... Also, semi-rhetorical question: let's say we live in some magical future world where most business problems can be solved in just a few lines of magic code x. There are also hundreds of highly-specialized and complex tools for really oddball cases. When companies get into situations where they need these tools, they pay 10, maybd 100x the going rate of regular programmers. So -- which tech are you going to learn and master? Which tech are you going to use on that new project, whether it needs it or not?
Colossus under the hood: a peek into Google’s scalable storage system Whoa. Cool inside baseball tech story, bro
We asked GPT-3 to write an academic paper about itself dear diary...
Is music universal? I understand this question (physics). I do not understand this question (beauty). I have no idea WTH this question is even talking about (language)
Camera model identification based on forensic traces extracted from homogeneous patches Freaking everybody knows everything. Eventually we'll reach the point where you step outside your tent and fart in a National Forest and suddenly new records are added to dozens of databases
Robot nose that can smell disease on your breath I'm not sure we're really able to intellectually process things that sorta work like our senses, but go past that into new territory, like the cameras that see blood flow
the keyboard waffle iron Where have you been all of my life?
retrofitted tube TV allows Raspberry Pi to loop black and white movies cute as heck and looks like a fun project


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