2022-10-28 UML Distilled

The book that helped kick off a revolution in large-system technology design and implementation

2022-10-28 UML Distilled
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Blurbs From Around The Web

  • "If you would like to get a better grasp on doing some high-level software design, UML Distilled turns out to be a much better book than I had anticipated. I expected a dry tutorial of the UML notation, but it is thankfully much more than this..."
  • "...some information and diagrams were added as a waste of time..."
  • "I was introduced to programming with Kernighan and Ritchie's C book.  I loved reading that book.  It's a classic because it's so concise, easy to read, and practical.  A lot of my interest in the field came from just this one book...UML Distilled is the OO design analog of K&R C.  I tore through this book in about a week.  It's actually a fun read which is an extreme rarity for anything computer science related...."
  • "Everything is great and Fowler's advice throughout the book is incredibly useful for when applying UML to the real world, however I feel like this book is missing a section/chapter with a project where we can follow a back-to-back system design from a world-class software engineer such as the author..."
  • "...About half-way through I quit reading the book because I wasn't learning very much.  Here is the main problem.  Fowler presents concepts using high-level, theoretical and sometimes incomplete terminology and doesn't illustrate with good examples...."
  • "...Intelligently written and quite readable so far after reading the first chapters and skimming others. I like the practical advice of using only those bits that help your own productivity  and dropping those that don't...
  • "If you want to use UML and don't want to sift through 600 page books of minute details on diagrams that will only get used once in a decade, then this book is for you. Martin Fowler's book beats UML down into the most commonly used diagrams used. It is not a complete reference, but if you want a great reference of the important facts of the important (most used) diagrams to help you get up and going "now", then this is the book!"