2023-07-14 Roundup

Obsidian, AWS, Microservices, Taste Communities, and more

2023-07-14 Roundup
  • Unison (#code)
  • AWS Builder's Library (#code)
  • Design for the web without figma (#programming-serious)
  • Amazon's Prime Video's Microservices Move (#programming-serious) plus HN comments
  • Possible major Mexican Temple Found Underground (#learn-from-the-past)
  • What's So Special About Ukraine's Frontline Info Warfare (#better-communications-for-better-tech)
  • Ecological Grief (#better-communications-for-better-tech)
  • More from the rackets you don't see dept (#the-hard-edge) related: tech is a racket essay. Remember, not a con, a racket. the point is escalating system complexity far beyond what's immediately apparent and folks can grok
  • Netflix Taste Communities (#profound-ignorance)
  • Congress/Italy UFO news (#oddball-science)
  • Biological Cameras stores data on DNA (#oddball-science) also HN comments
  • Art ain't art no more (#oddball-art) extremely important convo about artistic schools and how they're likely to evaporate
  • New channel about Obsidian

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