2023-08-25 Roundup

Railway Programming, Locality of Behavior, Agile Paradoxon, UAPs, AI Life Advice, Fifth Force of Nature, Throwing out babies

2023-08-25 Roundup
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  • Generate Documentation with F# Formatting (code)
  • Railway Programming HN discussion (code)
  • Moq Bruhaha (programming-serious)
  • Why Static Languages Suffer From Complexity (programming-serious)
  • Locality of Behavior (programming-serious)
  • Daniel's Essay: Systemizing Destroys Nuance (general)
  • Study of CAPTCHAs (the-hard-edge)
  • The Agile Paradoxon [video] (profound-ignorance)
  • Writers Look Out (artificial-intelligence)
  • AI Life Advice Has Potential (artificial-intelligence)
  • Fermilab Fifth Force of Nature (oddball-science)
  • House UAP Congressional Hearing (oddball-science)