2021-05-14 Nerd Roundup

Your jetpack has finally arrived! Mach 17 airplanes, the importance of humility in programming, regex for computational biology, and yes, cool jetpacks. Lotsa fun this week on Nerd Roundup!

2021-05-14 Nerd Roundup

James Grenning, Daniel Markham, nerd news, and fun.

Evading the uncertainty principle in quantum physics

Heisenberg compensators!

Dark Matter, the situation has changed

MACHOs and WIMPs (particle theory of DM becoming much less popular) Now folks are looking at fundamental equations for answers.

Lunar trains

Please. Can we please get mass drivers already? It would change space exploration significantly.

The mortifying ordeal of pairing all day

You can have too much of a good thing.

There's no such thing as a tree

What's the proper way to build categorization systems?

Are some personalities just better?

Abusing categorization systems.

Royal Marines testing out jetpacks to use for boarding

My jetpack has finally arrived!

Move over CRISPR, the RETRONS are coming!

This is truly amazing stuff. Combine it with the mRNA tech and we're in for a wild ride.

The one where writing books is not really a good idea

I ranted on my blog about this. You can't reduce everything to money. Art is art, business is business. It's great when they coincide, but it's not a given.

The XY problem

You can look at this same problem from multiple angles, getting different results and conclusions depending on which angle you choose.

FBI seizes every freaking safe deposit box, will inspect even those guilty of nothing

Mother of the Great Pumpkin, why? Why? Why do we constantly have to go through these multi-decade cycles of the govt pushing too far and then the courts finally catching up?

Massive Amazon Fake Review Ring Exposed

This is not some simple sam. This is a huge online business.

State of Emergency in NC. Hackers apologize

I like the apology. "We don't mind holding up the local govt, but dang, we sure didn't want to stop your gas supply!" <-- a good way to get sudden and kinetic force applied

The importance of humility in software development

Great essay and great HN discussion

Enhancing photorealism enhancement

It's an AI version of HDR toning for both texture and color using variously-scaled self-generated image semantics

World first: Oblique wave detonation engine may unlock Mach 17 aircraft

Unplanned article, but too cool not to mention. Early days for this tech if it pans out. Flight to orbit would be way cool.