2021-05-28 Nerd Roundup!

Everybody's going Rust, Physics Policemen, problems in Type Theory, the hole at the bottom of math, and how your love of cheese can get you arrested.

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2021-05-28 Nerd Roundup!

Everybody's going Rust, Physics Policemen, problems in Type Theory, the hole at the bottom of math, and how your love of cheese can get you arrested.

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Longitudinal analysis of blood markers reveals theoretical maximum human lifespan Something interesting and big is coming in this area of research over the next decade or so, but I have no idea what it will be
Online DRM troll sends ISPs notices of sharing copyrighted files ... the ISO file for Ubuntu If a robot tells you that you broke the law, did you break the law?
Florida’s New Pro-Disney, Anti-Facebook and Twitter Law Can't change reality by legislation
LHAASO discovers a dozen PeVatrons and photons exceeding 1 PeV and launches ultra-high-energy gamma Best job in the universe: policeman for the Laws Of Physics. Those things are always gettintg violated
Why some old computers are interesting There was this point in time where we had eyes on and control of the entire system. Interesting to see how we decided to complexify into what we have now.
DOOM Engine Code Review (2010) Just scanned. I want to do a deep dive one day on this
Eternally five years away. Batteries are actually making a lot of prgress Complex things are very difficult to track using simple adjectives
The Expanse UI Design Another in a venerable series of blog essays taking apart UI/UX we see in film and television. Always enjoyable if limited in practical value
Typography in 2001 related
UX in the latest Star Trek movies related - we judge these things on how cool they look but actual usage data exists in its own world where it can't be reasoned about abstractly
Rust is in our future People love Rust because people love Rust
The media's lab leak fiasco Prominent (?) opinion columnist for US left talks about how our system of understanding even simple things like the probably of a Wuhan lab leak are subject to popularity contests
There's a hole in the bottom of math Great and accessible overview of important topic. Pure math is not the answer to anything, but computer programs take care of at least one, perhaps two of the three issues brought up here. Language Games takes the third
Counter-examples in type systems Great reference for a deep dive one day
Thousands of Chrome extensions are tampering with security headers This is by design and arguably extremely necessary for an open and free net. These German researchers are aguing that it's a bad thing, but that's only true in an extremely-narrow-focused look at the world. Bad thing.
A New Replication Crisis: Research that is Less Likely to be True is Cited More Science is great. The system we have for funding and spreading science is horribly broken and not getting better, mostly due to mixed incentives. Some sad stories from postdocs on HN
Cheese photo leads to Liverpool drug dealer's downfall Say cheese!
How product placements may soon be added to classic films Product placements now, entire scene removal/replacement soon-to-come. The only short-term option I see is downloading and saving any content you like and would like to share or enjoy again. Funny how that when these things are posted online people are invited to comment on how moral or disgusting these things are, but very few people comment on the fact that it's taking more and more effort to find any kind of reality
Are US officials under silent attack for reference only, a deeper look at Havannah Syndrome, including speculation about what's actually happening
also for reference only, book excerpt talking about the evolution of robot marines in real-world combat situations
We need to put science at the center of the UFO investigation reference. This story keeps cooking along.
Collusion rings threaten the integrity of computer science research How to fund and manage pure research without it eventually turning into a cesspool of human corruption?


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