2021-04-08 Nerd Roundup

Flight simulators, tax guidance for drug dealers, the Language Server Protocol, and COBOL. Also ranting.

· 1 min read
2021-04-08 Nerd Roundup

James Grenning is online today with nerds.

Topics this week:

  • MSFS looks wow!
  • Researchers demo hi-speed computer-brain interface
  • Time zone weirdness signs of an immature programmer
  • IRS guidance for drug dealers, thieves, etc
  • Upper-est-case and lower-est-case letters
  • Bash Language Server
  • Category Theory Orders
  • Programming is Hard
  • Is Programming Hard? how Long is a piece of string
  • An Apology to COBOL
  • Twitch will ban users for things they do other places on the net
  • Bunch o' ranting

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