2021-04-16 Nerd Roundup

Pain, kittens, nose-hairs, nuclear rockets, drone warfare, and supercompilers

2021-04-16 Nerd Roundup
Title Notes
Embrace the grind Pain is life!
The Direct Fusion Drive That Could Get Us Past Neptune in 10 Years There might be some math here. ya think?
Why concatenative programming matters a point-free discussion of point-free programming
The Kitten Programming Language Kittens and turtles, openly cavorting in the IDE
The Ponzi Career Hey bub, I'll sell you three nosehairs for ten bucks. You in?
Meet the future weapon of mass destruction, the drone swarm The future of warfare is going to be scarier than it ever has been
Supercompilers You can lead an Uncle Bob to supercompilers, but can you make him like it?
Cancer-killing virus therapy shows promise against inoperable skin cancers Custom viruses. Whoa!
For kids with one type of deadly brain cancer, an unusual treatment shows promise More custom virus vs. cancer news
Safe, personalized cancer vaccine shows promise in early trials Moderna mRNA, and why the battle against cancer might be much longer than anyone likes
Don't hire top talent; hire for weaknesses If we only hire people with all kinds of these super-skills, who's worrying about the things we might have missed?
Use Console.Log() like a pro Webpack, W3C, tooling, and a bunch of other DOM issues