2021-07-16 Nerd Roundup

In which Daniel learns that everything he knew about biology is wrong, the Post Office is spying on social media, and bullshit in an organization can be measured

2021-07-16 Nerd Roundup

All of the Nerd Wranglers were out chasing strays, so Daniel took the reins and found all kinds of odd and cool stuff out on the open range.

Go to bed already, kid!

With fewer folks at the team lunch counter, the videos go much quicker

A secret algorithm is transforming DNA evidence. This defendant could be the first to scrutinize it. Much nerd. Most mathy. If I grok this, there's actually a lot of crypto here. This is the DNA version of eliminating hash collisions
WebUSB WTF? Who is this scope creep dude and why is he messing with my USB?
What caused an old giant star to disappear for over a year dupe?
Tinder date drugs man in effort to drain crypto accounts Like ransomware, this is happening a hella lot more than people like to talk about. Reminds me of the Middle Ages, when people faced the problem of traveling long distances while carrying significant money
Game Over: Chinese Company Deploys Facial Recognition to Limit Youths’ Play WTAF?! This is both technologically curious and #WAT?!
Marines train with handheld swarming drones small unit warfare is changing
Psilocybin sparks immegiate and lasting growth in neural connections I would like more brain cells please
New model may give us a better idea of how kids pick up new words Does this have promise or is it another model-self-stimulation exercise. Fascinating idea. Compare to how we're mapping layers of neurons in the eye
Borgs are giant extrachromosomal elements with the potential to augment methane oxidation holy cow! the Borgs have arrived!
Professor hasn't been this excited about anything since CRISPR related: a more accessible explanation
DNA can have more than four base pairs. Who knows how common this might be. Everything you know about DNA is wrong
The USPS' Semi-Secret Internet Surveillance Apparatus Neither snow nor sleet nor dark of night will prevent these ... social media spies?
Researchers explore employee perceptions of bullshit in the workplace with the “Organizational Bullshit Perception Scale” OBPS FTW! This current job is currently running at 4.7