2021-07-30 Nerd Roundup

Force fields, better ways to search for aliens, Winning Ticket Hypothesis, guitar hero kills thousands, and water can actually be a metal, a golden metal. All this week on Nerd Roundup!

2021-07-30 Nerd Roundup

Model-Driven Development strikes back! Bezos has a secret plan to beat Musk and Space-X to the moon, and you can't tell people anything


Initial load on Mondays and final additions made Wednesday morning
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Title But why?
Heuristics for Effective Software Development: A continuously evolving list.* A lot of qualitative statements. not much in the way of discernment functions. Many times causes coders' brains to explode
The Navy needs a new way to write software So close ... yet so far away
sysML related: sysML
You can't tell people anything Making people feel like they're getting value is one thing. Actually providing long-term value is another. People engaged in transactional learning are sucked into doing the first thing because they have no way to measure the second
Maker of dubious $56K Alzheimer’s drug offers cognitive test no one can pass Do you need to buy my product? Here, take my completely unbiased test to give you an answer!
Inside the simple computer program that could explain why the Universe exists at all Wolfram's Theory of Everything. What a smart guy! If you don't believe it, just ask him, he'll tell you.
Harvard astronomer revolutionizes search for alien life with new project Cool idea of crowd-sourcing and AI to find any sort of unusual pattern instead of just narrowing things down to one avenue
Why is China smashing its tech industry? This strategic overview makes sense to me. Wonder if it'll pan out to be true?
Eyes wide shut: How newborn mammals dream the world they’re entering Whoa. Wild stuff. Nerd comments were amazing too.
Comments from HN related: some nerd comments
It takes two neurons to ride a Bicycle (pdf) Computers riding bikes? Neat idea, and totally awesome graph as a result
Water as a metal That is some really crazy experimentation. Water as a metal. Who knew?
Five totally badass weapons you've probably never heard of Some really wild-looking weapons in this list. That one looks like a guitar
Blue Origin has a secret project named “Jarvis” to compete with SpaceX Ah! So THIS is the master plan! I wonder how that fits into Bezos' offer of $2B to cover NASA taking on the Blue Origin risk for a lunar lander?
Directed Energy: From Counter-Drone To Force Fields? Woot! Force fields! "...AFRL’s prediction that DEW could be used by 2060 to create “force fields” to protect bases by repelling incoming drones and munitions — or even eventually improved to develop a kind of “nuclear umbrella.”..." Looks more like using DEW to immediately spot and kill threats. Not a force field, but perhaps the same effect


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