2021-11-05 Nerd Roundup!

Virtual Particles From The 5th Dimension! Wonderful pictures of Jupiter. Nuclear rockets, and do-nothing scripting.

2021-11-05 Nerd Roundup!

Hecka cool week this week with Eric Crichlow who has a lot of startup and front-end experience, Greg Young, one of the creators of CQRS and Event Store, and Jon Kern, a guy who knows and helps out with the full stack of enterprise development. Also there was that Markham bozo again.

I was extremely happy to see my online friend Eric Crichlow join us this week. Eric and I have known each other and corresponded for about a decade or more. Greg Young provided a lot of lower-level context to many of the topics, and Jon Kern, as always, was assimilating the broad swath of material with what we already know about tech products. I had a blast.

This should work in iTunes. (This link http://danielbmarkham.com/podcast/rss is a podcast feed) If it doesn't work, here's a direct link to the mp3: 2021-11-05 Nerd Roundup!

Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation This is one of those trivial yet powerful essays. I remember reading this when it was first posted, and I've heard it being mentioned on more than one occasion by other hackers
Roadkill of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Nicely-written essay and good reminder of our seemingly endless hubris as coders. It's not the end of everything, but there are things to see here. Important things.
High-speed laser writing method could pack 500 terabytes of data into CD-sized glass disc I am eagerly awaiting my first petabyte SSD
Virtual particles may be real particles out of phase with our reality

Also note the cool name: The Great Neutrino Puzzle. Sounds like a new Netflix series
Ok, ok! Enough already! We've finally got a new physics. Anybody know what it is? The phrase "new physics" sounds cool. The phrase "We're seeing stuff we don't understand" is not as flattering.
The Subtle Art of Building A Nuclear Fusion Propulsion Drive Fusion drive is the best of all of the nuclear propulsion options. I wonder just how close we are. Do we need to start thinking about setting up a fusion propulstion space lab? Musk's rockets might make that possible
How we rolled out security keys at Twitter Smart. Methinks everybody's going to end up here. All of this flailing around, just to end up back at physical locks and keys, a 1000+ year old technology
Fire, Fire, Fire: How Navy Failures Destroyed the Bonhomme Richard

HN discussion, including comment from a nuke sub damage control officer. ouch
The Navy can't do everything. Perhaps sailing, finding your way around, and dealing with shiboard disasters should come before much of antying else?
Simple Product Management Tricks Another one of those triviall-simple yet useful essays. Need more like these.
Here's What Jupiter's 'Beautiful and Violent Atmosphere' Looks Like in 3D

Ammonia sparks unexpected, exotic lightning on Jupiter
We're getting some super cool science stories about the Solar System's Big Guy
Something keeps exploding in space and astronomers have no idea what it is

Related: Scientists tracked a mysterious signal in space. Its source was closer to Australia
Nice use of the word "exploding" to capture our attention. It's not wrong, but it doesn't really tell the reader anything. When covering a lot of activity in space, the word "explode" can cover a lot of ground
An update to a 37-year-old digital protocol could profoundly change the way music sounds Wow. Never thought this would ever happen and it's got me wondering about all of my music gear. How long until DRM bullshit shows up?

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