2022-03-25 Nerd Roundup!

Are we seeing the death of armor in warfare? What's algorithmic destruction and should you be concerned about it? The nightmare of windows source code, and more1

2022-03-25 Nerd Roundup!

A/V quality was very good this week, and Scott, James, and Greg did a great job fielding random questions from all over the place, the way we usually do.

This should work in iTunes. (This link http://danielbmarkham.com/podcast/rss is a podcast feed) If it doesn't work, here's a direct link to the mp3: 2022-03-25 Nerd Roundup!

HN Discussion: amous Navy UFO video was camera glare, evidence suggests Very interesting discussion seting up here. Errors happen, and errors can compound, but at what point are we just grasping at straws with speculation about compounding errors and at what point must we admit that there's something else going on? I don't know
The myth of online misinformation

Facebook says it's okay to trheaten Russian soldier with violence. Welcome new Corproate Algorithmic Overlords!
Welcome Big DisInfo. Once again, we're seeing Big Tech work for more market lock while trying to distract us with politics, religion, in fighting and so forth. The internet keeps wanting to know in absolute terms "What is truth"? and I'm not sure it's ever going to get an answer it likes
FTC Threatens Algorithmic Destruction They're coming for your code, boys!
Machine Learning Reimagined Neat idea. Will it actually accomplish something useful?
Can brain scans reveal what you're thinking? Probably not if a AI is automated bullshitting, who's the target? answer: we all are
Tiwtter thread about relatively unknown Javascript libraries you can use Good reminder that we have a lot of built-in stuff in javascript that we didn't have 5 or 10 years ago.
Does Ukraine SPell The Death of Operational Offense? Fascinating cocept that to me looks like it's so far been born out by events. Tanks may be the new battleships, ie, big hunks of metal not useful for much
Windows Needs a Change wow. Just double wow. What a dumpster fire. This is one of the better tech rants I've read in a while
The Brighter Side of News: New rocket engine could reach 99% the speed of light. Again, something that's extremely unlikely to work, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right?
Sonic Pi

Related: the talking piano
Truly mind-blowing. You know something is mind-blowing when you're torn between thinking that this changes things forever and that there's nothing at all going on here. Very reminiscent of arly Twitter. I'm left with a WTF? while watching people change their lives by using the tool
New experiment could confirm the fifth element

Information may be all that there is. Yikes! We coders have been masters of the universe all along! Woot!
Stumbled across this press release, which is wrong in all sorts of way "fifth element?" But it also led me down a rabbit hole "Does information have mass?" which is quite interesting
Goodyear Inflatable Plane I love this and I want one

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