2022-05-13 Nerd Roundup!

No podcast this week, but we've got a bunch of cool articles with descriptions and links. Some cool coding stuff!

2022-05-13 Nerd Roundup!

Tech problems prevented us from recording the roundup this week! Most bummer!

I blame evil otters.

Adding code to an existing ELF file Fun to read about (and write) code where you end up breakinb out the hacking gear and making the impossible wok anyway
Digital Twinning Good discussion to be had about how we keep reinventing the wheel
College Students Say Crying In Exams Activates “Cheating” Eye Tracker Software Another entry for the "Let's build it. What possibly could go wrong?" department
Financial Modeling World Cup The world runs on excel. True story.
Unix command line conventions over time

HN discussion on history of Unix shell commands
Both an interesting article and an insteresting dsicussion, especially around what sorts of UIs could have plugged into the existing shell infrastructure. Piping to text editor and then on to other commands? Whoa
10 of the Biggest Crypto Heists of 2022...So Far OMG the hardcore cypto news this year is insane
Fake friends shilling lipstick: welcome to WeChat’s hottest sales trend Anthropomorphizing is bad enough with the young and unedecated as it is already. All we need now is fake robot friends selling shit. This will continue to evolve until you can't easily tell (JC Penny Turning Test?)
PetaPixel: Truepic Lens Assures a Photo's Authenticity at the Moment of Capture. this will be required technology in 5-10 years
“Visualizing the Proton” – Physicists’ Innovative Animation Depicts the Subatomic World in a New Way One of the best physics graphics I've seen in a while
Let’s come up with some features for a horrible programming language Looks fun! I might say you could pick a dozen of these and actually make a pretty good language!
Four integers are enough for a snake game Great example of playing around and cross-checking
Star Trek Producers Fought Over Which New Shows Get To Bring Back Wesley Crusher what? shatner's toupee wasn't available?