Principles of Product Development Flow

The uber-grandaddy of all management books. Reinertsen examines today's product development practices and explains why invisible and unmanaged queues are the underlying root cause of poor product development performance

Principles of Product Development Flow
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Quotes From Around The Web

  • "Instead of anecdotes and compelling stories, this book focuses on product development as an example of systematic processes we can model and improve. By viewing development as queues and feedback systems, models from control theory and recommendations can be applied to our work processes. By casting our metrics as economic values, the book keeps our focus on value rather than theoretical ideals."
  • "This is a dense book.  The target audience of marketing MBA's, industrial engineers, project and general managers will be challenged.  It requires some familiarity with lean manufacturing, economics and operations research.  The principles are illustrated but not obvious."
  • "This book is a refreshing read. Product developers have normalized and internalized bad practices for so long that it's often impossible to see why we so often fail....This book doesn't not provide a capital P Process that a business can implement as a magic wand. Instead it provides a set of tools and a way of thinking that can guide each organization to discover how to achieve flow in their own domain..."
  • "If you want to take your decisions out of the realm of personality and into a world where we actually change the variables that increase the value of your work, this book is worth reading. Beyond the value of the specific techniques, it's organization into specific principles lends itself to small conversations that can help create alignment in you teams. I can't wait to begin those conversations with my peers."
  • "If you've ever wondered why agile or lean development techniques work, The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development by Donald G. Reinertsen is the book for you. It's quite simply the most advanced product development book you can buy."
  • "This book is a deep, multi-disciplinary analysis of product development that gives you the tools to reason from first principles"
  • "Just an excellent practical text that gives you the thought processes & guidelines to ensure that product development proceeds at a rapid pace and that queues, cadence, synchronization of product flow are maintained.  The reinforcement of the impact of the costs of delay on a project are an absolute must for anyone managing product development teams. Great insights into exactly HOW to ensure the frequent delivery of high quality, profitable products that delight customers. Bravo!"

Here are the 175 principles explained in the book